Frequently Asked Questions

Data-driven marketing is a fine example of using data analytics in marketing. Data can be processed and analyzed to predict customer behavior. People who use this approach optimise their marketing strategies by using information on customers' needs, desires, and behaviours to determine target markets and focus on these groups. They concentrate resources on those groups that are most likely to buy or support their products or services—building rapport and credibility with customers by tailoring communications to meet their needs.
Web design covers various specialties, including graphic design, typography, user-experience design, and others. Web development focuses primarily on how a website looks and feels to the visitor, using best practices in user experience. It is the process of building, managing and updating websites. Web developers use coding languages to ensure that sites are fast, responsive, and easy for visitors to navigate. It is also carried out behind the scenes in the site's backend and typically involves developing software, building the site's structure using code, and fixing bugs.