Project Description

We have loads of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. We really love this piece of work that was completed but never executed by Adcock Ingram’s Cepacol Throat Lozenges.

To develop a through-the-line campaign over several touchpoints and outlets. The brand was traditionally perceived as a staid brand aimed at older consumers. Our job was to reposition the brand as young and relevant with a clever campaign.

Big Idea Solution:

Sometimes it’s the small things that have the most significant impact: a stone in your shoe, popcorn stuck in your teeth, a paper cut and of course, a sore throat. Sadly, like a shoe without a stone in it or a throat without a scratch, we only become aware of them when it’s too late. Suddenly these tiny things can have a big impact. Thankfully with Cepacol’s lozenges, you can go back to forgetting you ever had a sore throat. A small little lozenge that has the power to get rid of a
big inconvenience.

Project Details
  • Client:

    Adcock Ingram