The Laughing Cow

The Laughing Cow

Project Description

The Laughing Cow is a beloved international long-life cheese brand over 100 years old.

Brand Spanking Marketing was briefed to develop and execute a yearlong below-the-line campaign. The objective was to drive sales, entrench the brand’s positioning as a “snacking cheese”, and defend/increase market share against house brands making inroads at major retailers.

We developed a concept around the “joy of discovery”. The Laughing Cow Cheese range is flexible and can be applied to various foods to make it the ultimate snack. Our interactive campaign showcased how the product is enhanced by different foods and flavours – i.e. the cheese puts a new spin snacktime.

The idea revolved around a “spinning wheel” mechanism in which we recommend flavours and food with which to pair the cheese to create a new snack sensation.

How It Worked:

We executed the idea across several media types, including:
• Instore tasting with promoters – Using the Laughing Cow Discovery wheel with an added competition element. The consumers would spin the wheel. And the promoter would prepare the cheese tasting with the foods/flavours as directed by the wheel. This fun, interactive element disrupted the typical in-store tasting process and yielded great results.
• Competition – We asked consumers to buy any pack of The Laughing Cow Cheese. Then, to show the proof of purchase to the promoter to receive a free pack of TLC “memory game” cards. The till slip qualified your entry into the main prize draw – a fun snack party for your child.
• Data Collection – We used the database collected from the competition for post-campaign communications and further direct marketing.

Other campaign elements included.:

• Design & production of all campaign collateral
• Snack Recipe development
• Flyers
• Street Poles Advertisements
• Pull Up Banners – design & production.
• In-store tasting tables – design of wraps and production
• Promoter uniforms
• Activations with The Laughing Cow Mascot

The Result?
The campaign was successfully executed over 150 stores nationwide and yielded a dramatic increase in sales over the period.

Project Details
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    The Laughing Cow